Sunday, October 30, 2011

How To Prepare For a Bunny: Bunny Proofing

Before you bring your bunny home, you will want to bunny proof the areas in your home that your bunny will have access to, such as the room your bunny will stay in and the room where the bunny will be let out for exercise. Bunny proofing is a little tricky since rabbits instincts are to chew and dig, which can damage wires, furniture, and flooring.

Since rabbits love to chew, your coffee table, base boards, or carpet might become your bunny's next favorite chew toy! If your rabbit starts to chew on your base boards or digs your carpet, you can try placing a phone book, without the glossy cover, or a piece of cardboard to encourage them to chew/dig on it instead. If that doesn't help, you can spray perfume or Bitter Apple Spray For Pets on the area you want them to stop chewing. Spraying perfume can also help when protecting furniture, such as a coffee table.

You will want to protect your wires and cords by blocking them off or protecting them. This will prevent your bunny from getting electrocuted and save you from being stuck without a laptop charger. It is a good idea to block off areas where there are a lot of cords such as, near the TV, blu-ray, or speakers, instead of trying to protect each cord. An easy way to do that is by using a dog exercise pen or NIC cubes ( neat idea cubes) to fence the area off. If you want to protect a cord that you will be moving a lot, such as a laptop cord, you can cover it with a cable tube organizer. It is a plastic tube that you can put over cords, so if the bunny tries to chew it the plastic will protect the cord!

If you want to block off furniture, a bed, or part of a room, you might want to use a dog exercise pen or NIC cubes to fence it off. You will want to remember though, that rabbits are very good at jumping. You will want the fence to be at least 24''-36'' tall. If you need to block off a doorway or hallway, you could use a baby gate. If the area is high traffic and people will be walking in and out a lot during the day, you might want a walk-through baby gate to make it a little easier.

Over all, bunny proofing can be a lot of work. However, it is very important for your bunny's safety and the safety of your belongings.


  1. I'm using pvc pipe on my wires to bunny proof my cords

  2. Cool! My rabbits don't chew, but thta is very informational!

  3. Hello, Bob Carmody with the Missouri House Rabbit Society. (St Louis). Save yourself $$$ and use white vinager to clean the litterbox, its a perfect acid neutralizer and it dries in seconds ! I saw your video and some questions were posted, to the people who ask about yard grass, NO ! It may have chemicals on it or the are airborn and land in the yard, timothy hay only. To the lady that insists on a water bottle, bunnies need more water than gerbils, hamsters etc to help prevent gutstasis (blockage). We have chapters in 35 states so check for a House Rabbit Society in your state. They WILL be the most experienced people on proper rabbit care. Even most vets aren't trained in rabbits. They get about 2 hours of school in "exotic animals". Rabbits shouldn't be in that catagory but....foods: 50-50 mix of Purina High Fiber and Fiber 3 mixed with some Exact. Treats-banana, papaya and oats are great. Keep up the good work, try the vinager, we've used the same litterboxes for years, it works ! :-)