Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June Rabbit Cage Tour

For my birthday on June 10th, what I wanted to do was build an addition onto the bunnies cage. I payed for the supplies, but my Dad helped me build it! Here is the overall picture. This is the main part of the cage, I call it the "Cage Base". On the cage base wee have the litter boxes (with a divider for my territorial bunnies) and water dishes. The wire shelving that we use as the side of the cage flips down for easy access. It is 1' tall. This is "Mocha's Hut". It is 2'x2' hut with a cushion for the king to rest his bum on, with of course his girlfriend Mrs Monkey for him to groom. It is made from NIC grids but before I just draped a towel across and that worked too. This is the Corner shelf. Its has carpet underneath the blankets as we ran out of linoleum. Here is Mocha flopped out next to the frozen water bottle. Continue reading and you will see more pictures of this handsome boy below! This is the ramp that leads into the cage. It is 4' long and 10" wide with a 4" railing on it to avoid falling. I eventually want to cover the ramp with low pill carpet to help with traction. Here is "The Shelf". Not a very impressive name, is it. Anyways, The shelf is 8.5' long (unless you count all the way to the corner which would then be 10.5' long) and 18.5" wide. I am sure your all thinking what a random number 18.5" is but the bunnies memory foam pads are 17" wide and I wanted them to fit. By the way, their hocks have gotten a LOT better since last summer. They are no longer red and irritated! The edge of the shelf is actually a half of a log. We had a ton left from building our house and they were all untreated pine logs! Perfectly safe and beutiful! It is 5" tall. So this is my bunnies new cage! I am in love with it and the bunnies seem to really enjoy it. It is very easy to clean and no bending necessary! Here is a video cage tour!

June Rabbit Cage Tour I got a new cage built for the bunnies for my birthday! Me and the bunnies love it! A video on how I made this cage will be up soon! PS: This was filmed a week ago.
Now for some pictures of Mocha flopped, below. Can't get over how cute his ears were! Close up or his little face! "You woke me up!" Squee!

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