Friday, February 28, 2014

Session #4-Cementing

Session #4-Cementing This video accidentally got deleted so I re uploaded it. If you left a comment on this video please leave it again so I can read it! I am so sorry that this happened! Thanks! :D My rabbits are now happily living together in the same room. For anyone who is currently trying to bond your rabbits please do not give up. Some rabbits take longer to bond then others. I just happened to get lucky this time!

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  1. How easy is it to bond 2 females and 1 male? Because I have a bonded pair of male and female, but the female has been very afraid and has bitten us since we have had her, as she was from the RSPCA and mistreated badly. The bonded pair get into fights with each other even if they can just smell the other rabbit, never mind actually being with her. Do you know why this is/ if I have any hope of bonding the three of them? PS. the new female is not neutered yet.