Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How To Set Up a Play Pen for Your Rabbit!

How To Set Up a Play Pen for Your Rabbit! I hope you found this video helpful on how to set up a play pen for your rabbits! Rabbits should have at least 2-4 hours of free roaming time everyday! Check out my other YouTube Channel: ************************** SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website: ************************** VIDEO INFORMATION Camera used: Canon 7Dii or Canon T5i Microphone: Rode Video Mic Pro or in camera mic Editor: Final Cut Pro ************************** MUSIC INFORMATION Classical Carnivale by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:


  1. Dear Haley, Thank u so much for your videos! I just rescued a rabbit and I found your videos and I do everything the way you do. I didn't realize about the mats under the sheets, so putting a yoga mat down until I can buy some like yours. My bunny goes in her cage at night but will not go to the bathroom in her cage now that she is litterbox trained. I have tried putting a litterbox in her cage, but it takes alot of room and she won"t use it. I let her out first thing in the morning to her playpen and she uses that litterbox perfectly. Her nighttime cage has a wire floor and resting board as that was the cage I bought before I saw your videos, It has carefresh underneath. She peed in there before I litterbox trained her, but now she holds her pee until I wake up and let her out. It makes me worry! Do you have any ideas??? Thank u!

  2. Haley, i loved your pen!!! I was just wondering what type of pen you use and where you got it from. Thanks