Getting to know 101Rabbits and Company News Update!

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Getting to know us...

We realize that not everyone who stops by at 101Rabbits knows our story, so we decided to share a little bit of it here...

Haley, holding a bunny
Rabbits have always been a joy for Haley Elmhorst. As an anxious 12-year-old with Tourette Syndrome, she recalls, "Rabbits were my escape. I could be myself around them." Finding too little advice online, she began to share videos on YouTube with her own tips for bunny care and feeding.

"People who own dogs and cats know the basics, but rabbits are so misunderstood," Haley says. Soon her YouTube Channel, 101Rabbits™, had hundreds and then hundreds of thousands of followers and now nearly 36 million views.

Years later, when an adult diagnosis of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) limited her mobility and job options, Haley decided to open an online store.

Here at 101Rabbits, we are still a very small company (Haley is still our only full-time employee). But we are dedicated to only selling safe, healthy and enriching products for rabbits. There are a lot of products out there available that we could be selling. If you look at the big box pet stores (see our review), they have a lot of products that are extremely unhealthy, made with artificial dyes, or unhealthy food ingredients. You won't find those products here. Our mission has always been the same:

101Rabbits™️ exists to promote healthy and happy rabbit care. We offer online education resources and hand selected products for house rabbit owners.

Company news...

2022 has been a busy year for us. We are doing a lot things behind the scenes to make the business easier to run and operate, as well as able to scale to better serve our customers. One of our projects in process right now is moving to a new shipping facility. We aren't going anywhere far, we're just moving down the street to a bigger, better managed facility that allows us to focus less on managing a building and more on running our business. We are also working on some new products that will be launching later this year. And some other things that we can't share just yet, but will when we can. Please keep following us online if you are interested in what comes next.

We'd like to also answer a few frequently asked questions:

When will MeadowBoxes be back in stock?

MeadowBoxes are one of our customers' favorite products, and we, honestly, cannot keep up with demand. These hay feeders are hand-built by a local craftsman in his shop and he also has a life so it takes time to build up enough stock to put them online. We hope to someday manufacture enough for the whole world of bunnies, but it will take us time to get there.

For the next few months, we plan to get some lots in stock and put them up for sale. Please sign up for Text updates if you want to be notified as soon as they are available. Text subscribers also get occasional discount offers that are only available there. You can subscribe here:

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Where have all the free shipping options gone?

Getting products from our shop to your home is by far the biggest cost of running our business, and this year fuel surcharges and slowing sales have made that even worse. We plan to offer free shipping offers in the future in various ways, but we had to make a change in order to keep our business afloat in these times.

We still love the idea of offering free or low cost shipping options to our customers when we can, especially the thousands of customers who are repeat customers and come back to us again and again. We're still thinking through what that sort of program would look like. All we can say is purchases you make now will count towards any program we will put together.

We hope the rest of your summer is fun, enjoyable, relaxing, and you get joy out of spending time with your bunnies. Please keep following us online and we hope to hear from you soon. 

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