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Good For Rabbits

- Ebony’s Favorite -

Unpeeled Mini Willow Rings are loved by rabbits all around the world! Many people struggle finding the perfect toy their rabbit will love. Many times rabbits ignore toys you find in pet stores and instead chose to chew other things like baseboards, walls, furniture, etc. This isn’t because your rabbit doesn’t like toys, it is just that you haven’t found the right toy for your bunny. These unpeeled willow rings are super tasty to bunnies and many bunnies beg for them like treats! These willow rings help with natural chewing behaviors in a safe and healthy way! 

Note: Sometimes on natural willow products you will see little fuzzy buds. This is willow blooms. The bud flowers into a fuzzy bloom - looks a tiny fuzzy bug or caterpillar, but that is just part of the Willow Plant. It is not harmful.  It is not mold. It is just a natural part of plant growth. 


Outside Diameter = 3 inches

Willow is about a little over 1/2 inch thick

Now Available in a 5 Pack!

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