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Good For Rabbits

Enrichment Type Foraging

Ingredients: Ultra Premium Soft Timothy Hay (from the mountain valleys of California and South Oregon)

What is Ultra Premium Soft Timothy Hay?

Soft Timothy Hay contains mostly leaves with very few stems or seed heads. This grade of hay comes from the third harvest of Timothy Hay or an exceptionally soft second harvest. Stems, if any, will be thin and occasional seed heads will be short. The key to this grade of premium hay is that it is made up almost entirely of soft leaves.

The Ultra Premium Soft Timothy Hay we have in stock is a great example of a quality Soft Timothy hay with thin stems, lots of leaves, a presence of seed heads and a very small amount of brown leaf.

Soft Timothy Hay is good for small pets that have soft or weak teeth, making it hard for them to eat more coarse types of Timothy Hay. It’s also fantastic for small pets who are extremely picky about what they eat as it still offers all the nutrients and fiber that are required for digestive health.

While the softness of our Soft Timothy Hay is what makes it popular, it lacks the coarse fiber important to maintain dental health. If you are feeding your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla exclusively Soft Timothy Hay we recommend you mentioning this to your vet so that they can keep an eye on their teeth. Investing in chew toys, such as Apple Sticks, or mixing in some coarse hay such as Coarse Orchard Grass or First Cut Timothy Hay can also help maintain healthy teeth. 

If you’re not sure yet which type of hay you want, please check out our coverage of everything Rabbit Hole Hay here.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on all Rabbit Hole Hay
  • Fresh Hay - Rabbit Hole Hay hand-packs every box so you get fresh, green & fragrant hay with little to no dust.
  • High Fiber & Low Protein - Promotes healthy weight & digestion
  • Coarse Roughage - Perfect amount of “roughage” to promote dental health.
  • Perfect for Small Pets - Keep your rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas happy & healthy.
  • Rabbit Hole Hay visits their farms as part of their quality control, ensuring that the hay they provide for your beloved pets is the highest quality available.
  • Each harvest of hay is tested to make sure it falls within Rabbit Hole Hay's guaranteed nutrient levels listed on our packaging. We take the health of your pet very seriously.
  • We store our hay indoors to keep it fresh and protect it from sunlight and water. Sunlight not only changes the color but it also robs the hay of nutrients. Water can cause the hay to develop fungus, mold and bacteria, which can be very dangerous to not only your pet but you as well.

Is Soft Timothy like Third Cut Timothy?

After the first harvest of Timothy Hay, known as First Cut, the hay regrows and is harvested again, known as Second Cut. The third harvest is rare, but with the right growing conditions, it can be harvested in September or October, which is why it’s called Third Cut Timothy Hay

In order for the farmer to be able to complete a third harvest the spring needs to be warm, followed by a dry and warm fall. This weather pattern is not consistent, therefore receiving a quality third harvest of Timothy Hay can be extremely difficult, if not impossible. We have been working with our farmers to try and come up with a solution to this. Our farmer has a high elevation field which stays considerably cooler than his other fields. This allows the hay to grow thinner stalks and fuller leaves, creating a second harvest that is very similar to a third harvest. We are carefully grading this hay to ensure that it maintains our standard of an Ultra Premium Soft Timothy Hay.

Why Hay is Essential to a Rabbit's Diet

Grass hay is an important staple in the diet of rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. For rabbits 7 months and older and guinea pigs 6 months and older, grass hay should make up 80% of their diet. For chinchillas older than a year, grass hay should make up 75% of their diet. The constant foraging and grazing encouraged by hay helps to keep them physically active and mentally stimulated. It also helps to wear down their teeth while the long strand fiber helps to keep their digestion regular and functioning properly.

Stop Wasting Time & Money on Bad Hay

Tired of wasting time picking through bad hay just to find the bits your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla will actually eat? We visually inspect and hand-pack every package of hay to ensure that you get fresh, green, fragrant hay of the highest quality. Your hay is always hand-processed, never machine-cut, creating nice long strands and less small pieces. You’ll no longer have to worry about your small pet suffering from irritated eyes or sneezing from excessive dust. We preserve freshness by bagging all of our hay inside the box. This helps keep it from drying out or absorbing unwanted odors.

Supporting Farmers

Rabbit Hole Hay is grown in Northern California, in the heart of hay country. All hay is sourced from local growers in the surrounding regions of the Northwest United States. Rabbit Hole Hay supports a community of small pet owners who care deeply about providing happy and healthy lifestyles for their pets. 

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