Five Gifts for Rabbit Lovers

As the holidays approach don't let yourself scramble for last minute gift ideas! Consider some of these great gift ideas for the rabbit or rabbit lover in your life!

#1 Seagrass Mats

Seagrass mats are the perfect gift for those rabbits that love to dig and chew! They can also provide a comfortable, non abrasive surface for your rabbit to lounge on! Seagrass mats come in extra large, large, and small.

#2 Fruit Flavored Balsa Blocks

Balsa blocks are the perfect stocking stuffer for the rabbit lover in your life! Made with 100% fruit juice, these 1" cubes provide a tasty treat while also satisfying that urge to chew! They come in packs of 5 or 10 and a wide variety of flavors in each pack!

#3 Maze Haven

This hidey hut is sure to be a hit in your rabbit lover's life! The Maze Haven provides an enriching activity center for rabbits who love burrowing and exploring! Made out of durable cardboard, you can change this hidey hut's layout as frequently as you like in order to give your rabbit some extra stimulation!

#4 Treat Hay 

Humans aren't the only ones who enjoy a sweet treat during the holidays! Expand your rabbit's pallet with a variety of treat hays such as orchard grass hay and mountain grass hay! Click the link below to get more information on all the different offerings we carry for your rabbit!


Deck the halls with these tasty toys, or fling them across the hall! Made from 100% fruit juice and soft balsa wood, these natural chews are a great addition to any rabbit's toy box! Fruit flings come in varieties such as tropical fruit, berry, fruity, carrots, and island!

Still not sure on the perfect gift? We offer online gift cards as well!