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An amazing cardboard tunnel that stretches, twists and turns!  It can expand in width and stretches in length, (over 5 feet!).  Simulates a burrow feel that bunnies love!  Buy multiple tunnels, and create a labyrinth of ever-changing tunnel pathways.
It's so easy to change around, you can create a whole new bunny burrow playground in seconds. Your bunny won't be able to resist exploring over and over again!

And when you're ready to put it away, it collapses to 7 inches!
Unlike other tunnels made from cloth, cardboard is safer for bunnies to chew as it is much more digestible. Plus, cardboard makes it darker inside just the way bunnies like it. Not to mention cardboard is better for the environment. 


Collapsed: 7"L x 12"W x 14"H

Normal Expanded: 48"L x 18"W x 14"H
Inside: 10"H x 10 W"

Max Expanded: 64"L x 24"W x 14"H
Inside: 9"H x 16W"

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