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Good For Rabbits

Oxbow Oat Hay can make a great addition to your rabbit's diet! Hay is the #1 most important thing in a rabbit's diet making up 90% of their daily nutrients! Hay should always be available 24/7 to your rabbit. However, it is great to add new types of hay and different hay varieties to your rabbit's diet to spruce things up and keep their diet exciting! Oxbow Oat Hay is the perfect thing for just that! You can also use this to fill up different toys such as Willow baskets and Seagrass Bowls also found in our shop! 

Oat Hay should not be fed as the main source of hay for rabbits due to containing oat tops which can cause excess weight gain in large amounts. However, it makes the perfect treat hay to put in different treat toys or baskets. It is also great for picky hay eaters who struggle to find hay they enjoy. 

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