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The MeadowBox is the perfect addition to your rabbit's home! It provides plenty of room for hay so your rabbit never runs out! The bottom of the box is a wire mesh that allows any dust particles that could irritate your rabbit's nose to fall onto the floor below. The back of the box has an opening to allow you easy access to vacuum up the hay bits that fall below. This hay box has been tested and used for many years by 101Rabbits herself and it has the stamp of approval from all of her bunnies who have used it!

The MeadowBox is shipped unfinished as it is expected that bunnies may chew. Over time, the wood will naturally darken into a rich, deep color.

Dimensions: 23.75"L x 11.25"W x 22.75"H
Inside: 22"L x 9.25"W x 15.5"H

Hole size: 3½ inches
Hole height: 9¼ inches to bottom

Made from untreated, natural pine wood. Most of the box will have a knotty look and small nail holes are visible. Knots will be tight and small. Natural pine may have small idents and minor surface variation and there may be small gaps between boards. 

Other products ordered on the same order as the MeadowBox will also ship for free except for larger Rabbit Hole Hay boxes, which may ship separately. 


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