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Good For Rabbits & Cats

The Snug-A-Bun Bunny Bed is the perfect bed for everybun! Providing ultimate comfort, cleanliness, and cuteness all in one! 


Rabbits instinctively have a strong desire to snuggle. Bunnies bonded in pairs or groups love to lay together and snuggle against each other. This makes this bed perfect for all bunnies as it mimics the feeling of being snuggled by other rabbits. Single rabbits will greatly benefit from this but even bonded groups of bunnies love these beds! 

The Snug-A-Bun beds are also perfect for bunnies who struggle with balance issues due to health conditions such as; head tilt, ear infections, seizures, dizziness, etc. A rabbit can be placed in this bed to keep them upright and to protect them from rolling or from falling over. 

Another reason to provide a Snug-A-Bun to your rabbit is that it provides extra comfort and an easy surface for your rabbit to stand on. Rabbits, unlike cats and dogs, do not have pads on the bottoms of their paws. Only a layer of fur. Because of this, it makes them prone to a condition called sore hocks. Sore hocks are located on the bald spots on the hock of their foot or near their toes that become red and inflamed from standing on improper flooring. Rabbits' feet were meant to run and hop on grass which provides their foot to bend properly. Floors in houses tend to be tile, hardwood, linoleum, or carpet. All which is not natural to a bunny. These beds provide a place for them to rest their feet from the hard demands of flooring. The two layers of uhaul pads with two layers of fleece help provide a surface that allows their foot to sink in and bend properly. The fleece provides a soft surface that is easy on their feet (unlike carpet which is abrasive). 



Sung-A-Bun Dimensions

Full Bed Dimensions: 

Length: 17in
Width: 14.5in

Laying Area Dimensions:

Length: 17in
Width: 6.5in


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I read that your trademark Snug-A-Bun™️ is a 101Rabbits exclusive. So I wonder if this company [insert other online seller name] sells your Snug A Bun?


The name “Snug-A-Bun” is a 101Rabbits Trademark.  The Snug-A-Bun bed that we sell was designed by Haley in 2017 and is currently only sold in our online store. There are other online sellers who sell a bed that looks similar and for which they use a similar name, but those bed designs are not ours and they do not use the same materials. 

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