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Hop into the holiday season with a gift box filled with some of your 101Rabbits favorites! Enjoy a variety of herbs, hay pellets, holiday themed chews, and your choice of Snug-A-Bun bunny bed! This box offers the perfect variety to enrich your rabbits smells and senses!

Included in the box (9 items all together):

  1. 101Rabbits Organic Herbs Variety Pack (Chamomile Flowers, Lavender Flowers, Dandelion Leaves, Rose Petals), 
  2. Our new 101Rabbits Hay Pellets: (100% Timothy Hay Pellets, 100% Orchard Grass Hay Pellets)
  3. 1 Willow Candy Cane
  4. 1 Enzo's Ornament Balsa Chew in Blackberry, Cranberry, OR Blueberry (Flavors included are random)
  5. And your choice of Snug-A-Bun design!

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