Western Timothy Hay Stacks - With Chamomile


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Oxbow Western Timothy Stacks - With Chamomile can make a great addition to your rabbit's diet! Hay is the #1 most important thing in a rabbits diet making up 90% of their daily nutrients! Hay should always be available 24/7 to your rabbit. However, it is great to add new types of hay and different hay varieties to your rabbit's diet to spruce things up and keep their diet exciting! Oxbow Western Timothy Hay Stacks - With Chamomile is the perfect thing for just that! Made from 100% Timothy hay and dried chamomile, this product is the perfect addition to your rabbit's diet! Simply break apart the stacks and fluff it up to create a big pile of hay for your rabbit to much and snack on! You can also use this to fill up different toys such as Willow baskets and Seagrass Bowls also found in our shop! Each stack expands to about 3x its size! 

Ingredients: Western Timothy Hay, Chamomile 

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