PureBites Chicken Breast & Catnip Freeze-Dried Cat Treats


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Good For Cats

It’s true—PureBites Chicken Breast & Catnip Freeze-Dried Cat Treats are made with just two ingredients, so you know exactly what you’re feeding your furbaby. Pure, human grade chicken breast and organic catnip are freeze dried, locking in paw-some aroma, texture and freshness. Freeze drying removes only water, preserving the natural nutrition of the fresh chicken. These tasty treats are also free of any added preservatives and other bad stuff. Because they’re so pure, they’re easy to digest, and the catnip will make for frisky, playful kitties. The treats are paw-fect for cats with health issues, who have allergies or who are on restricted diets. These treats average just two calories each, so they’re also a great option for kitties who need to lose a little weight. Rich in protein, these treats support a happy, healthy life with whisker-licking goodness.

Key Benefits

  • Tasty treats made with just 2 ingredients – human grade chicken breast and organic catnip.
  • Freeze drying process removes only water, preserving nutrition.
  • Each treat averages just 2 calories and is rich in protein.
  • Ideal for cats with health issues or kitties who are overweight, diabetic, who have allergies or gastrointestinal disorders or who are on a restricted diet.
  • Made in the USA with no added preservatives.

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