About Us

Rabbits have always been a joy for Haley Elmhorst. As an anxious 12-year-old with Tourette Syndrome, she recalls, "Rabbits were my escape. I could be myself around them." Finding too little advice online, she began to share videos on YouTube with her own tips for bunny care and feeding.

"People who own dogs and cats know the basics, but rabbits are so misunderstood," Haley says. Soon her YouTube Channel, 101Rabbits™, had hundreds and then hundreds of thousands of followers and now nearly 36 million views.

Years later, when an adult diagnosis of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) limited her mobility and job options, Haley decided to open an online store.

Here at 101Rabbits, we are still a very small company (Haley is still our only full-time employee). But we are dedicated to only selling safe, healthy and enriching products for rabbits. There are a lot of products out there available that we could be selling. If you look at the big box pet stores (see our review), they have a lot of products that are extremely unhealthy, made with artificial dyes, or unhealthy food ingredients. You won't find those products here. Our mission has always been the same:

101Rabbits™️ exists to promote healthy and happy rabbit care. We offer online education resources and hand selected products for house rabbit owners.

We take a rabbit's health, comfort and enrichment needs, along with functional needs like cleaning into consideration when we hand-select any product for our shop.

In the News

101Rabbits has attracted media coverage in recent days. 

101Rabbits And Counting: Apr.08.2022 Youtube posted a store about 101Rabbits on their official blog. https://blog.youtube/creator-and-artist-stories/101rabbits-and-counting/

YouTube 2020 Impact Report: We are thrilled to be a part of the growing creator economy on YouTube. Just this past week, Oxford Economics recognized 101Rabbits as part of this ecosystem of creators and followers in their 2021 economic impact report. If you are interested in the report, you can download for yourself at yt.be/impact. See if you can find Haley and Sterling on the front page.

You Know You're From (WSAW, Wausau Channel 7 News Segment): You know you're from Stevens Point - WSAW News

You Know You're From

Our Staff

Our staff includes Haley, our founder, as well as Andy, Abby, Rebecca, Jaci, Emma, and Cana. We want the very best for you and your rabbits. We stand behind every purchase and every product and will make it right if you have any problems. 

Our Rabbits

Our rabbits are the stars of our Youtube channel, and they are the original members of 101Rabbits employee family. These days, they mostly hop around their room and love to try out new products any time Haley finds one.


Date of birth: May, 2012
Gender: Spayed Female
Breed: Polish Mix

Ebony is, by nature, a very anxious rabbit. However, if given the right enclosure and paired up with her best friend Sterling, you will really see her personality shine! She is also very sassy. She likes to tell all humans and bunnies her demands. When she feels safe, you will see her binkying and tossing around her toys.

Date of birth: January, 4, 2016
Gender: Neutered Male
Breed: Mix

Sterling can be described as a big bundle of goofiness. He is a super happy bunny who loves to beg for treats and crawl right up onto your lap! He LOVES to do crazy binkies when he is excited! He is also very naughty and tries to escape any pen or enclosure you put him in. He thrives best when given lots of space to stomp around in. Despite his goofy personality he is actually quite submissive and if he is tired enough (which is rare) he will settle down for a few moments for some pets. But it’s very short lived because he always has lots of things to do and can’t be bothered to stay in one place for long!