Canadian Customers

We are so thankful for all of our loyal customers from Canada. If our store is able to detect that you are from Canada, our prices will show in CAD rather than USD. 

You can verify whether your prices are being shown in USD or CAD by going to the final checkout screen. The total amount due should show the currency as either USD or CAD. Sorry for the inconvenience of this. We would like to update our store to show the currency throughout the experience.

As a convenience to our Canadian customers, we include a surcharge to cover taxes which is added to our shipping charges at checkout. These charges will be calculated based on the actual rates for your province. While this will make the shipping charge appear to be larger, the benefit to you is that you will see a single charge, which is all you will pay. In addition, the shipment will go more quickly through the border as we will indicate in the shipment manifest that all taxes due will be billed to us.

We hope that this new capability will make it easier for all of our Canadian customers to understand the total cost of ordering from 101Rabbits and enable faster delivery as a result. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Also, please see our Shipping Policy