Our COVID-19 Impact

Dear Customers,

We are doing our best to serve you with our hand-selected products in this time. However, due to COVID-19, we are experiencing some disruptions to our normal service. Here is a summary of of the impact to our store and to you as our customers.

Our ability to order from our suppliers is taking longer and supplies of some products are limited or out of stock. As a result, although we are doing everything we can to order stock when it is available, we will occasionally run out of stock on some of our products. When this happens, you will still see the product on our site, but it will state that it is sold out and you will not be able to purchase any products that are out of stock.

USPS and other shippers are experiencing service disruptions due to COVID-19. As a result, we can no longer guarantee shipments will arrive on time. However, as always, we stand behind our shipments and any lost shipments will be re-shipped or refunded at your choice.

United States

Customers in the United States may notice packages taking 1-3 days longer to deliver. For packages shipped via USPS:

  • Priority Mail two-day service is now 3 days.
  • Priority Mail three-day service is now 4 days.
  • First-Class Package Service two-day service is now 3 days.
  • First-Class Package Service three-day service is now 4 days.

Some USPS post offices are closed. For more information, refer to USPS Business mailers service disruptions.


There are delays in USPS mail and package deliveries to and from certain countries, including Canada. 

Canada Post has the following changes to their service:

  • Canada Post is experiencing delays of up to 5 days. Heavier shipments are more impacted than others.
  • Proof-of-age verification and required signatures are limited to post-office pickups.
  • On-time guarantees are suspended.

For more information, refer to Canada Post's news releases. For more information about service disruptions, refer to Canada Post's daily service alerts.

All Other Countries

For all other countries outside the United States, there is no guarantee on how long shipments can take to arrive. The Postal Service will utilize sea transportation to address the issue of limited air transportation resulting from widespread flight cancellations and restrictions due to COVID-19. This option will remain in effect until sufficient air transportation capacity becomes available. We are temporarily suspending the ability to order from some countries outside of the US and Canada. If you live outside the US and Canada and would still like to explore doing an order, please email us.