101Rabbits Bunny Rescue Foster Rooms

101Rabbits partners with local bunny rescues to provide a safe haven for bunnies who are looking for their next home. We have two foster rooms located right in our store in Stevens Point, WI. We are currently fostering bunnies from K&R Small Animal Sanctuary. You can view our foster bunnies 24-7 here from our livestream. You can also visit us.

Magneto & Polaris

In our second foster room are Magneto & Polaris who are available for adoption on PetFinder. Magneto (grey) had surgery on his eyelid and so has a permanently surprised expression which is just too cute! He does need occasional wiping of the eye with a damp paper towel as he can't close it all the way and so it tears. Polaris (spayed female) and Magneto (neutered male) have been together for several years and must be adopted together. They act like an old married couple at times and don't have a super PDA/lovey-dovey relationship but enjoy one-anothers company and snuggle together for comfort. Magneto is more outgoing and the first to try new things. Polaris can be a bit more shy/nervous but follows his lead. She appreciates a tunnel or fort where she can retreat to when feeling overwhelmed or frightened.They are very sweet and gentle souls who look forward to spending the rest of their lives being spoiled in a FOREVER home!

Previous bunnies we have fostered:

  • Bridger (March 13th- April 10th, 20201), Adopted
  • Gatorade and Seltzer (Feb 26th - March 13th, 2021), Adopted
  • Brampton (April 10th - April 28th, 2021), Adopted
  • Nivea & Beto (May 7th - May 14th), Adopted
  • Tin (May 19 - June 4th)
  • Grey Ghost (Feb 26th - June 18th)
  • Magneto & Polaris (June 11th - Now)