101Rabbits Bunny Rescue Foster Rooms

101Rabbits partners with local bunny rescues to provide a safe haven for bunnies who are looking for their next home. We donate space for two foster rooms, play and storage areas, and provide daily care for bunnies looking for new homes. Our foster rooms are located right in our store in Stevens Point, WI. We are currently fostering bunnies from K&R Small Animal Sanctuary. You can view our foster bunnies 24-7 here from our livestream. You can also visit us.

Current Foster Bunnies


Shirley is a super fun Holland lop lady and can't wait to find her real forever home! She is very wiggly while being picked up and prefers to interact with her people on the floor.

Shirley is spayed, does great with using her litter box and is an active bouncy bun until she gets the wiggles out and then she’s game for a good nap. She enjoys racing around the room and playing with toys. Shirley can be a bit of an escape artist from exercise pens and does best either free-range completely or in a wire dog crate which has not figured out how to unclip yet :)

Shirley lives for food and can be a bit over-enthusiastic at demanding that her bowl is filled more quickly and grabby with her favorite snacks. Her foster home has started feeding her exclusively through puzzles and food-dispensing toys and she is doing awesome with it!

She has a big personality and can be a bit of a princess when she doesn't get what she wants. Full of "Lop-titude" for sure! Shirley may do best in a bunny-experienced home who will make sure she understands the family rules and wont be intimidated by her bossy behavior :) adorable adopted bunnies.


Tickle is high energy and looking for a home with lots of toys and free time to get all of his extra energy out in productive ways!

He is very food motivated and would make an awesome clicker/agility training partner! Tickle is so food motivated that at times he can be a bit bossy/grabby about incoming dinner and so a home without super small kids who may not appreciate his overenthusiastic behavior when it comes to sharing snacks.

Tickle is a young little guy and can't wait to finish growing up in a family of his very own!


Here are the bunnies we have previously fostered and still have a place in our hearts.

  • Gatorade and Seltzer (Feb 26th - March 13th, 2021), Adopted
  • Bridger (March 13th- April 10th, 20201), Adopted
  • Brampton (April 10th - April 28th, 2021), Adopted
  • Nivea & Beto (May 7th - May 14th, 2021), Adopted
  • Tin (May 19 - June 4th, 2021), Adopted
  • Grey Ghost (Feb 26th - June 18th, 2021), Adopted
  • Magneto & Polaris (June 11th - June 26th, 2021), Adopted
  • Lexanna (July 9th - July 28th), Adopted
  • Shirley (July 1st - Now)
  • Tickle (July 28th - Now)