101Rabbits Partners

101Rabbits partners with other organizations that promote our values of healthy and happy rabbits.

K&R Small Animal Sanctuary

K&R Small Animal Sanctuary was founded in 2009 to help fill a need in Wisconsin rescuing and rehoming the smallest shelter inhabitants. Today, K&R Small Animal Sanctuary is a 501c3 non-profit organization made up of local and satellite foster homes, transporters, many local veterinarians, participating pet stores, and volunteers.

K&R has successfully teamed up with area shelters and rescue organizations to assist in re-homing their small animals. This allows these facilities to focus on the dogs and cats that need their assistance and lets K&R focus on the rabbits, guinea pigs, and other little critters!

Learn more at https://krsmallanimal.com/

101Rabbits fostered bunnies at our now closed retail location in Stevens Point, WI. We hope to get involved in helping more rescues in the future!


Here are the bunnies we have previously fostered and still have a place in our hearts.

  • Gatorade and Seltzer (Feb 26th - March 13th, 2021), Adopted
  • Bridger (March 13th- April 10th, 20201), Adopted
  • Brampton (April 10th - April 28th, 2021), Adopted
  • Nivea & Beto (May 7th - May 14th, 2021), Adopted
  • Tin (May 19 - June 4th, 2021), Adopted
  • Grey Ghost (Feb 26th - June 18th, 2021), Adopted
  • Magneto & Polaris (June 11th - June 26th, 2021), Adopted
  • Lexanna (July 9th - July 28th), Adopted
  • Tickle (July 28th - September 3rd), Adopted
  • Shirley (July 1st - October 20th)