Apple Zapple Treats

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Good For Rabbits

Enrichment Type Foraging

Ingredients: Dried Apples

Introducing: Apple Zapple Treats! Made with 100% dehydrated apples and NO additives, meaning that apples are a natural yellow/light brown coloring instead of the white color you see with dehydrated apples that do have additives.  Apples come in slices that make them easy to rip apart and give as treats!


- Rip small pieces off to feed like a treat
- You can sprinkle them around the floor to make a fun scavenger hunt
- Sprinkling them onto your rabbit's hay can help entice picky bunnies to eat more hay!

This product is not meant to replace veggies or hay. It is meant to be an added treat to their current diet. Always discuss your rabbit's diet with an exotic veterinarian.

Net Weight: 3 oz.

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