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Good For Rabbits

Don't forget your furry pets for our Independence Day! Using the same flavors as the Stars & Stripes Fling, we made a package of just the stars for you! Very limited release! Once these are gone we won't be making anymore this year.

Stars & Stripes 5 Star Pack includes a 5 pack of flavored natural grapevine stars.
Flavors include: apple, blueberry & raspberry
This is a flavored balsa vine chew toy for rabbits and other small animals.
Each star measures approximately 2" length & width.

Vine Stars are flavored using 100% fruit and fruit juices. We NEVER use any artificial flavoring, coloring or added sugar. The drying process is extensive so the toys will last packaged for quite some time. The coloring can vary depending on the type of fruit & fruit juice used. New toys should always be given under close supervision. All toys are handmade and will be unique.

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