This is our most popular product! Perfect for every rabbit and available in three different sizes to ensure you find the perfect bed for you and your rabbit!

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Bunny T-Shirts

We have three T-Shirt styles right now, and more to come! Our latest is now available on Amazon! We carefully select and test only the best available fabrics and screen print our beautiful bunny lover prints on them.

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Cage Liner

Cage Liners

Our cage liners are made with two colorful pieces of fleece on the outside and two absorbent layers in the middle for ultimate comfort! Available in many sizes!

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About Us

101Rabbits offers handmade products for rabbit owners. We have products you can’t get anywhere else. Reusable cage liners are a heavy duty product designed to help keep a rabbit's cage clean along with providing ultimate comfort. It also is a reusable product, therefore saving money and resources in the long run. We also provide beds designed specifically for rabbits in mind. We take a rabbit's comfort needs, along with the functional needs like cleaning into consideration when making these beds...

About 101Rabbits


Date of birth: May, 2009
Gender: Spayed Female
Breed: Dutch Mix

Lulu was the second rabbit I ever owned. She is super sweet and loves to be pet for hours! She has a very bold personality and always knows how to get what she wants.

Picure of Lulu


Date of birth: May, 2012
Gender: Spayed Female
Breed: Polish Mix

Ebony is, by nature, a very anxious rabbit. However, if given the right enclosure and paired up with her best friend Sterling, you will really see her personality shine! She is also very sassy. She likes to tell all humans and bunnies her demands. When she feels safe, you will see her binkying and tossing around her toys.

Picture of Ebony


Date of birth: January, 4, 2016
Gender: Neutered Male
Breed: Mix

Sterling can be described as a big bundle of goofiness. He is a super happy bunny who loves to beg for treats and crawl right up onto your lap! He LOVES to do crazy binkies when he is excited! He is also very naughty and tries to escape any pen or enclosure you put him in. He thrives best when given lots of space to stomp around in. Despite his goofy personality he is actually quite submissive and if he is tired enough (which is rare) he will settle down for a few moments for some pets. But it’s very short lived because he always has lots of things to do and can’t be bothered to stay in one place for long!

Picure of Lulu